50s Pinwheel Brooch

Kaleidoscope | Rhinestones, Beads, Metal | Fuchsia, Turquoise, Gold
I'm not certain about the dating on this pin, but my best guess is 1950s, possibly into the 60s.

Lovely filigreed gold-tone, the pin is round and "puffy", rather than flat.

Its shape and placement of rhinestones reminds me of a pinwheel, hence the title I've given it.

Loads of round fuchsia rhinestones, with clear rhinestones and round turquoise beads placed throughout. Great colors!

The rhinestones appear to be glass; the turquoise beads plastic. Closes at the back with a safety-catch clasp.


Excellent. Looks never worn.


2 inches/5.1 cm in diameter

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