Sogoli Grapevine Choker Necklace

J103 | Amethyst/Aventurine/Gold Metal
This piece is possibly vintage, and it definitely has retro appeal and it is simply gorgeous!

Signed "Sogoli", this beautiful piece was designed and made in the USA by designer Sogol Tabrizian. She started her company "Sogoli" in 2000. I've had this necklace for several years now (can't remember exactly when I bought it); I believe it may be one of her first pieces and certainly it is very hard to find. She seems to be designing leather and metal wrap pieces and single stone pieces these days. I don't know what the piece was originally called, "Grapevine Necklace" works for me!

Made of four tiers of graduating length gold chain, studded with faceted, round beads of amethyst and aventurine. A simply beautiful play of colors and textures. Though faceted, the beads are not highly polished, giving them a misty appearance. Closes at the back of the neck with a hook; there's a little metal disc that's signed "Sogoli" as well.


Excellent; this piece has been lovingly cared for.


Will fit with ease around a neck of 14 inches35.6 cm in circumference
The tiered strands hang at 7 inches/17.8cm, 7.5 inches/19.1 cm, 9 inches/22.9 cm and at 10.5/26.7 cm

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