Pretty Sweet Vintage is an exclusively online women's vintage clothing store, which was originally established in 2000 as "PleasureQueen". I began selling (mostly) vintage lingerie, hence the playfully provocative name.

My name is Rebecca Gentry and I've worn and collected women's vintage clothing and jewelry (and sometimes just wacky and wonderful ephemera) for over 25 years. I love fashion and I like standing out from the crowd~wearing vintage is the perfect way to do so, whether dressing head-to-toe in it, or wearing pieces like a bag, shoes or jewelry.

I'm a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild, an international collective of vintage fashion professionals. I'm registered with the VFG as "PleasureQueen" (and my beautiful collection of lingerie is still selling under the PleasureQueen "label").

I buy what I like, what attracts my eye, what I find interesting and appealing. Each item is hand-picked by me and all items are carefully inspected before being offered for sale. I go over each piece, inside and out. Most items are then cleaned and mended (if needed), and all flaws are listed. On occasion I'll offer contemporary pieces, but 99% of what I sell is true vintage.

I LOVE doing what I do, and stand behind each piece I offer. I don't specialize in any one era; my goal is to offer a nice range of wearable, interesting, pretty, fun, QUALITY vintage items and to appeal to women of all ages and budgets. I love the individuality, versatility and (usually) superior quality of vintage clothing. I also love the fact that wearing (and selling) vintage is recycling beauty!

I list new items every week so be sure to bookmark Pretty Sweet Vintage and visit often. Or make it really easy on yourself and sign up for my mailing list! I promise I won't inundate you with emails and your contact information will not be sold or used in any way other than to notify you of new item listings, sales and any important announcements.