70s Jeweled Boho Bag

Jeweled Hippie | Leather, Stone | Tan/Brown/Turquoise Leather/Stone
I'm not quite sure what to make of this bag: it looks 70s to me, but beneath the flap are two squares of velcro, something not generally seen until the 80's, maybe beginning in the late 70's. Upon close inspection, it does appear that the bag was made this way, with the velcro being original to its design. It's certainly vintage and appears authentic and there is no maker's mark inside...

A super-fabulous, eye-catching bag that everyone will comment on! Warm brown leather, trimmed with black lacing. A big, stylized cut leather tree? on the flap is finished with a bright blue gemstone that is turquoise in color. It looks like a turquoise stone, but upon the very closest inspection, it appears that it may be another kind of colored stone (it's not plastic). The long strap is accented with two large wooden rings. Opens and closes at the flap.


Very Good. Really a beauty. The usual dinks and discolorations inherent in these types of bags, don't detract to my eye. A little bit of discoloration inside doesn't detract. The velcro tabs beneath the flap are very worn and frazzled and don't work any more, but the flap is heavy enough that it lies securely without them. Overall, a beautiful bag.


Height: 8 inches/20.3 cm
Length: 10 inches at its longest point/25.4 cm
Width: 4 inches/10.2 cm at its widest point
The strap hangs at approximately 16 inches/40.6 cm from the top, to the top of the purse.

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